9-15-18 Jacque Palmer is promoted to (R-4) Regional Officer and Richard Holbert is promoted to Chief Regional Officer
9-13-18 4th National Rally in Lexington KY
8-25-18 Chapter 24 is formed in Salt Lake, Utah
7-15-17​ CH-19 Dissolved, at the request of their President, for lack of participation
6-01-17 CH-11 closed and members merged into CH-4
 Derek Spitaleri is promoted to National Sgt. at Arms
3-30-17 Donald Grant moved to (R-2) Regional Officer 
11-1-16 Chapter 16 Nantucket changed its chapter name to Cape & Islands
10-19-16 Richard Holbert is brought in as the newest Regional Officer (R-4)
10-06-16 3rd National Rally in Kingsport TN
3-30-16  Chapter 17 dissolved their chapter
 Chapter 23 is formed in Las Vegas, NV
8-10-15​ Chapter 21 is formed in Central Kentucky
6-16-15 Chapter 20 is formed in Northeastern New York
6-5-15  Chapter 19 is formed in Eastern North Carolina
10-14-14 Greg Rock is voted in as a new Regional Officer (R2)
9-27-14 2nd National Rally in Maggie Valley TN
9-4-14 Chapter 18 is formed in Southern Florida
7-17-14 Chapter 17 is formed in Northern Virginia
7-3-14 Dark day in LFFMC history. 5 chapters are removed from the club for Bylaw infractions.
12-16-13 Chapter 16 is formed in Nantucket Massachusetts
12-10-13 Chapter 15 is formed
8-21-13 Chapter 14 is formed in Metro Boston
6-14-13 Chapter 13 is formed in Central New Jersey
5-1-13 Chapter 11 is formed in West Georgia
1-22-13 Leatherheads FFMC goes international when CH-10 Ontario Canada opens.
11-3-12 Chapter 9 is formed
9-14-12 Chapter 8 is formed
8-12-12 Inagural National Rally of the Leatherheads FFMC in Rapid City SD during Sturgis Rally. 
 Chapter 7 is formed in East Tennessee
3-15-12​ Chapter 6 is formed in Mid Ohio
12-3-11 Chapter 5 is formed
2-1-11 Leatherheads Firefighter MC celebrates it's 1 year anniversary.
11-15-10 Chapter 3 is formed
6-1-10 Leatherheads Firefighter MC goes national when our second chapter opened in California
2-1-10 The Leatherheads Firefighter MC goes public